Friday, April 3, 2009

Barcelona Nightlife - Clubs

As far as a mind blowing club scene, don't come to Barcelona expecting New York or London. Perhaps it's the close proximity to Ibiza, but I can't recall any place that left me awed, which isn't to say that there aren't some great venues to shake it from two in the morning (when the night just starts hopping) to the wee hours and the sun rise, and a few of my personal favorites are:

La Paloma in the Raval. A renovated ballroom draped in red velvet with tall ceilings and hanging chandeliers, I recommend going around midnight as the senior citizen salsa party winds down, staying as the young crowd and go-go dancers stroll in and the music changes -Then count how many old foogies stick around; the number will surprise you.

Razzmatazz in the Marina. Located in an old industrial zone, don't get spooked by the quiet streets and dark abandoned buildings: It's relatively safe. Often the venue groups and deejays use on their world tours, its multiple rooms bump everything from techo to hip-hop-to-indy.

Sala Apollo at the bottom of Parallel in Poble Sec is another great place to catch music and dance the night away. In Barcelona on a Monday night and think there's nothing to do? Check out Anti-Karaoke and you might see a six foot six tall blond in a Geisha dress and a black whig, screaming: "I love rock and roll," and thrashing a whip. Just watch your wallets outside.

Danzatoria and Mirablau offer spectaular views of Barcelona and sit on Tibidabo Mountain. Danzatoria in particular is an immpressive renovated mansion with its floors now playing chill out, house and Rn'B in a relaxing garden. Go to there if you're interested in seeing how Barcelona's 91210 crowd lives - Just make sure you're dressed to impress.

There are more, but those are the four that immediately popped to mind. Don't get out like I used to.

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