Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Tragic Case of Marta Castillo - Update

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the case of a missing, and presumed dead, seventeen year-old girl named Marta del Castillo, and the psychological suffering of her parents at the hands of her suspected murder had been the dominant news story in Spain during the first part of the year. 

The lack of a body and the relative silence of the accused Miguel Carcaño, coupled the deteriorating state of the Spanish economy, has seen the story fade from the headlines to the back pages.  And, as of today (over three months since she first disappeared) there has still been no major new developments in the case; although, sources close to the investigation have expressed optimism this week at the recent unearthing of newspapers which correspond to the time of her murder, allowing them to scale down the search area of the city dump. 

Meanwhile, the parents of Marta expressed fresh outrage when city attorneys asked the state for 100,000-euros to pay the girlfriend of the accused murderer for damages suffered after appearing on a television program, where she lied about the innocence of her boyfriend, who she now confessed did in fact admit to killing Marta.  The fact that her parents signed a waver and the family collected money has not deterred the city attorneys from also suing the television station for 30,000-euros. Calling it - "Blood money," the father of Marta questioned why it was going to a liar and not the men searching for his daughter.

I can't help but wonder why this country is so ass-backwards sometimes.

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