Friday, April 3, 2009

The Weekly Recap: March 28th - April 3rd

The news has been much like the weather: cold and gloomy with sporadic moments of sunshine.

The week began with a visit from Obama and the G-20 summit in London, where he gave the Queen an iPod, and it finished with the world's leaders pledging to end an era of unbridled global capitalism - Plus, another billion dollars for the economy. The Spanish press, meanwhile, reported that President Jose Luis Zapatero came out of a meeting feeling a real chemistry. I wonder if Tim Geithner was there too, because soon after Zapatero announced further interventions in Spanish banks. I guess that's where the new money's going.

Nationally, a gloomy forecast for businesses saw unemployment reach an all time high, with the reports forecasting 20-22% by 2010. Here in Catalaunya one regional politician made waves by calling for 50% of films shown to be in Catalan, and Dutch architect was selected to design a new neighborhood for Barcelona. As for other parts of Spain: in Benidorm, local authorities seemingly have it in for expat businesses, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown was asked to intercede on behalf of British citizens regarding property and land abuses by the certain regional governments

In sports: no Liga this week, but the national team won its two world-cup qualification games against Turkey, coming back in dramatic fashion to claim the second leg away, while the Lakers dropped two in a row, but had a successful road trip thanks to an impressive run by Pau Gasol.

Finally, in a story so strange it can only be true: His girlfriend unable to bear children, Ruben Noé Coronado Jiménez stopped his transformation into a man, leaving his uterus scarred but functioning. After sending 150 e-mails, he found a fertility clinic in Barcelona, and is now nine weeks pregnant with twins.

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