Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Know You've Lived in Spain When...

1) When asked do do something, your first answer is - mañana

2) Coming home at three in the morning is early, six the norm - even at age forty, or fifty.

3) You aren't just surprised that the plumber/decorator/electrician/carpenter has turned up on time, you're surprised he turned up at all.

4) You know a fifty year old man whose mother still does his laundry, and another who still picks his nose.

5) You think it's fine to comment on everyone's appearance.

6) Life is broken down into possible and impossible.

7) You plan your weekends around the siesta.

8) All your answers are prefaced with - Yes, but...

9) You know the time after lunch has its own word - sobremesa.

10) You no longer wait for the waiter to clean the table before sitting down.

11) The imperative is used to ask for things, and please and thank said sparingly.

12) Nothing is ever your fault anymore.

14) There's a neighbor who likes drilling and hammering, but only between eight and ten on a Saturday morning.

15) You're known as the guiri.

16) Every sentence you speak, even in your native language, contains at least one of these words: 'bueno,' 'coño,' 'vale,' 'venga,' 'pues nada'...

17) The question "How are you?" is a chance to complain about your day.

18) A beer or two with lunch during the week isn't anything out of the ordinary.

19) Free time is more important than money.

20) You eat lunch after 2pm and would never even think of having your evening meal before 9.

21) Breakfast is a coffee and a small sandwich or a croissant.

22) You know what a Catalan is...

Thanks to Izzie for the idea

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  1. Great post, I totally recognized almost all of these points!

    I wrote a blogpost about it as well, using some of your ideas, if you want to see it I linked to your blog. You probably won´t be able to read it since it is in Dutch but I might translate it later and just wanted to let you know that I used some of your info.

    Annemarie van der Zwet