Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Plague of the Pickpockets - Part 4

Okay, I promise to ease up on the pickpocket posting, but a recent article in the Guardian shows that the problem has started to make news outside of the local papers.  And in reading it, I was particularly appalled by the local authorities' response:
The authorities blame the press for the fuss, claiming newspapers are trying to oust Socialist mayor Jordi Hereu by exaggerating the problems of a neighbourhood that has always had prostitutes and petty crime.
“This press campaign is wrong,” said deputy mayor Jordi Carnes. “The number of petty crimes in Las Ramblas has not gone up.” He admitted, however, that the city wanted to shed a reputation as a place for drunken stag nights and hen parties. “This sort of tourism is not our target market,” he said. “There are over 24 hotels in the Ramblas, with three under construction, so we are talking about a prime location.”
So, let me get this straight. Despite eye witness accounts that verify Las Ramblas is getting more dangerous, and the fact that the prostitutes are no longer the charming street walkers they once were - it is in reality a plot to get rid of the mayor, the problem is the class of tourists and the solution is to raise the level of those who come to visit?

I don't know about you, but as far as I can tell: it's not the men and women coming from Europe who are doing the robbing and forcing girls to prostitute themselves, and I highly doubt some high-end tourist will want to visit a city where he or she constantly has to watch their belongings.

Typical Spanish politicians: deny the facts and blame others.

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