Monday, September 21, 2009

Dinner with the Neighbors

This picture is taken from my window and shows the little street I live on getting ready to have a neighborhood dinner.   It was a great night and a reminder of the beauty that is the Spanish sense of community and family and their shared love of food. 

The official reason was the local festival that ended yesterday.  As you can see, the eating and meeting wasn't only just on my street, but on each and everyone both large and small.

While a common main dish was either a plate of paella or fideua, which is like paella but with noodles and a garlic mayonnaise.


  1. Hi there, I just discovered your blog an hour ago. I've been reading through lots of it and have one question...where did you move here from? I myself moved to Barcelona 1n 1999 from Massachusetts.
    Best wishes!

  2. Hey Michael.

    Thanks for the comment. I moved from Glendale, California at the end of 2002