Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moving to Barcelona - When, where and how

So you wanna live in Barcelona?  That's great.  It's a fantastic city with lots to offer for almost all tastes. 

Usually the best months to come are in September and January.  It's when companies are hiring and there's not a big holiday coming up.  That said, don't expect anything to be done the first half of these months.  With most people just back from vacation, they'll be busy getting back to work, so wait a week or two before sending out CVs.  Also, as I wrote in a previous post your options will probably be limited to teaching or restaurant work.  And, while neither are what would be called professions, from conversations with people who do the hiring, it's still best to treat the interview as if it were.  This means dress appropriately,  no jeans and take it seriously.  Remember there are many people who come here looking to live, so you have to break out all the stops if you want a job.

Finding a place to live isn't difficult, but it can be time-consuming  The most popular websites to look for rooms are and  You can search postings and see what the going rates are, or you can post an ad looking for a room. Finding a place is just the first step, however. You'll then have to meet your potential flatmates and basically interview with them.  They may pick you or they may not, so make sure you have a few places you like.   And of course, it helps to speak Spanish.

For anyone hoping to rent their own place and not share, while not impossible, it's close.  First of all you'll have to go through an agency who'll request a work contract and up to six months deposit, plus an agency fee, which can bring the total cost close to a down payment on a house.  

Finally, best of luck with your move and remember: this is Spain.  Things move a little more slowly here, so give yourself time and don't panic if you don't find work or a place right away.  You will eventually!

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