Thursday, September 3, 2009

Neighborhood Festivals - Poblenou

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One of the joys of summer in Barcelona are the neighborhood festivals.  Each barrio has one and they usually last a week with live music, food and local traditions.

The most popular and famous is in Gracia when the entire neighborhood is decorated with paper mache figurines and floats, making it feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland if it had been set in a city.  More infamous and - let's say twisted - is la festa major of Poble Sec where you might catch a DJ dressed in his underwear or see a tranny on a piano showing off the latest surgery at night, while gigantic paper mache statues of people or human castles can been seen during the day.   And, while both of these have come and gone - there's still on left for those of you who have just arrived in Barcelona - la festa major de Poblenou. (thx Linda for the link)

Starting on Sept 12h and running until the 20th, it offers a little bit of everything from games for kids to concerts featuring different styles from ska to Catalan Rumba while the final night ends literally with a bang thanks to fireworks at the beach.  At the top of this post if a map, showing where it is for anyone interested in visiting.  And if I have time, I'll translate the official page of events into English to give you some of the highlights.

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