Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Symbols of Thieves

Below is a warning posted in a friend's apartment building entrance that explains the following symbols should they appear by the door.

It's a bit blurry, I know.  Camera phone.  Now, if I recall correctly - the triangle means the house has been robbed, don't remember the next, the X signifies on vacation, the squiggles "muy buena," the complete ladder means there's a dog, and the semi-complete one that there are only women, while the three circles signify that they're willing to be robbed, and the interconnecting cees points to a disabled tenant.  Classic.  And seven out of eight five hours later ain't bad for the ol' short term memory either.


  1. I wonder whether these symbols are universal, or at least used across BCN, or if they're associated with just one gang of burglars...

  2. good question. the building was located near el palau de musica, which has recently seen an uptick in burglaries, so if I ventured to guess, I'd say a local gang