Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Know You Live in Spain

When this picture makes you drool

I'll try and post something more expansive later, but I'm struggling for ideas.  Any suggestions?


  1. ideas for future posts.
    1. recent poll said Barcelonas are the 3rd happiest city residents in the world. why do you think that it? would you know it without the poll?
    2. Many Brits experience Barcelona as 3 Irish Bars on Ferran. What do they experience/miss of real Barcelona experience.
    3. Many Americans experience Barcelona as movement between Gaig, Moo, Cinq Sintis and Cal Pep. What do they miss or experience of typical Barcelonan.
    4. Why do you think the locals allow some of their tourist assets degrade so much? aggressive prostitution, graffiti etc. Is is a liberal thing like san fransisco?
    5. Why is Obama popular in Barcelona (if he is). Are Barcelonans aware of the close similarity in policy to GWBush?
    6. Do Catalans travel more or less than the rest of Spain? What effect?
    7. How often do Catalans end up living in other parts of Spain? Europe?
    8. what do folks think of the Forum event a couple years out?
    9. Jamon Iberico de Bellota, that much better than regular old Jamon Iberico?
    10. What do Catalans think of the success of C Ruiz Zafon?

    Hope there's an idea in there somewhere

  2. Hi Jeremny! Thanks for checking out my blog! I'd love if you could write me a guest post on Poble Sec for my Barrio Review section! The more the better and if you have some pics to include! That much better!!! :))))

    If you're up for it pls send your post to barcelomia@gmail.com

    Looking forward to it! (I'd be happy to write something for you in return as well if you want...)