Monday, October 26, 2009

Barcelona in October

October's coming to an end and I'm a little sad to see it go. It tends to be my favorite month in the city. The heat and humidity of summer is gone and the rains of September have finished, for the most part. The weather's perfect: warm enough to still sit out side during the day but usually with a breeze; at night a light jacket or a sweater suffices. There's this lazy haze in the air and it just seems everything's moving at half speed from the people to the cars to your brain. Walking around the different neighborhoods, you see the way the sun hits the buildings and brings out all the different shades of colors, giving them an almost painting-like feel. It's easy to understand why photographers and painters choose the month to capture the city. It also ends with Halloween which is getting bigger and bigger where every year. One of the more interesting parties is taking place in El Borne.


  1. wow. believe it or not, i just found out about your blog and i read everything down to your very first post in just one day.

    bytheway, i will be studying film in barcelona this november. my school actually started already last oct 13 and im just waiting for my student visa, its been a month already. spaniards could be really slow a veces :(

    your blog helped me A LOT! gracias

  2. This is almost poetic.... really really nice... i so much wish i was there to enjoy the mild weather, i took the liberty to quote you on my blog i hope you don't mind (if u do let me know!!), this description really caught me... THANKS!