Monday, November 23, 2009

The Golden Witch and the Town of Luck

If you walk into a tobacco shop or anywhere that sells Christmas lottery tickets, you're liable to see a witch riding on a broomstick hanging from the ceiling, or a sign with her picture on it. Called La Bruixa d'Or or La Bruja de Oro or the Golden Witch, she hails from a small town called Sort (luck in Catalan) in Lleida and is famous enough to warrant its own Facebook page.

The brainchild of an enterprising Spaniard, Xavier Gabriel, a lottery ticket vendor in this small rural town about three hours east of Barcelona has transformed itself into the number one place to buy tickets for el gordo (the fat one) the national lottery that takes place on December 22nd with enough pomp to rival the Eurovision final. The lottery itself is famous for going against the grain and spreading the prize money rather than give the whole lump sum to one person and the town of Sort is home to the most winning numbers in Spain. Perhaps, there is something to a name or maybe it's just that more people buying from one location immediately increases the probability or it might even be as Xavier Gabriel says, a golden witch from outer space who sprinkles lucky dust. Who knows. But if you want to partake, here's the link to the official page.

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