Thursday, January 7, 2010


Probably the don of us guiri writers living here in Barcelona is Matthew Tree. Hailing from London England, he came to the city many years ago to escape Thatcher, where he taught himself Catalan and wrote a book. Since then he's published twelve more works in his adoptive language and contributed to many others. He mostly deals with the local politics, offering a refreshing take on what can seem like stale discussions and he can sometimes be seen on the regional television station teaching old Catalans to sing AC/DC.  For more about him, check out his website.

Another local expat author is Rosie Reay who resides about a half and hour south near the city of Tarragona. She writes a series of contemporary children's books inspired by a trip to California. Set in the unconventional location of a golf course, the local critters banter and discuss names and places. For more about Rosie and her works, visit her website.

Some additions to the Barcelona blogging scene include BarceloMIA, a European citizen who's planning on accomplishing her dream of moving to the city. She offers tips and columns about fashion and art with an infectious enthusiasm that moving to Barcelona inspires. Lost in Sant Cugat offers humorous thoughts and musings about working and living in Spain from an ex ex pat.

Finally, if anyone has anything in need or promotion or is aware of something new and exciting happening in the city, feel free to drop me a line and I'll be happy to assist however possible.

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