Monday, February 22, 2010

L'Antic Teatre

Near Palau de la Musica on Carrer Verdaguer i Callis is one of my favorite spots in Barcelona - L'Antic Teatre.  Located in one of the old stone buildings in El Born, it was, as I understand it, originally a squatter community until becoming legitimate and reopening its doors in 2007.

A non-profit collective, their goal nowadays is to provide a space for experimental artists to showcase and promote their wares. To give you an idea of the eclectic mix of productions it offers, a couple of years ago they ran a Cabaret de Feas (roughly translated "Cabaret of the Ugly People") while in November a Belgian clown entertained the crowd and last month a night was dedicated to dub music complete with a movie and deejays.

What initially attracted me to the place was the large courtyard, though. While a small city compared to London, New York or LA, the hustle and bustle of Barcelona can sometimes be overwhelming and claustrophobic. The shade of the trees and chirp of the birds provide a perfect respite when this happens, offering a sense of space and peace amid the buildings and people. Meanwhile, the amphitheater inside is where most of the performances take place and while not the Liceu, it's not a bad place to take in a show.

Because its more than just a bar, in order to drink or eat, you have to become a member. The fee is nominal (€5) and the sign up process isn't too much of a hassle.  Plus, you get a discount on tickets to the various shows while helping the local community.

The operating hours and info are:

Tel: 933152354

Sun - Thurs 16.00 - 23.00 / Fri-Sat 16.00 -  23:30; Shows: Mon-Sat 21.00 / Sun 20.00

Keep in mind this is Spain, so the opening and closing times in the end are controlled more by the whims of the people working than any official schedule.


  1. It cracks me up how their poster/logo is made to look like a little kids' know, just your run of the mill beheading...everything looks so less frightening when dawn in cartoon form! LOL...

  2. I know! I've always been more afraid of demonic children like Damien from the Omen than monsters like Jason from Friday 13th

  3. Cool! Never heard of this place.