Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Original Version Cinemas

To follow up on my last post, for those of you who prefer to watch movies in original version or V.O here, there are quite a few cinemas located throughout Barcelona. Now keep in mind, version original means whatever language the film is shot in plus Spanish or at times Catalan subtitles.

Yelmo Icaria near Port Olimpic probably has the most screens and specializes in blockbusters and the more popular movies out right now.

Cines Renoirs on the other hand tends to show more art house movies from not just the US and the UK but also from other European countries. It has two locations. Carrer Floridablanca near Sant Antoni and Les Corts in the Marina Cristina district.

Cines Verdi located in the neighborhood of Gracia near the Fontana metro station is similar to Renoirs choosing to show more independent movies rather than blockbusters.

Microcine Zelig near the Raval is not a typical cinema but more like a place to gather and watch cult movies or classics. The start time is always at 21.00 and the cost is three euros. They also do requests.

There are also some others but I can't recall them right now.


  1. La Filmoteca! :-D On Sundays, films for children. The rest of the week, interesting films. I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's there! So cool, in a big screen! And the price is a joke, less than 3 euros! Filmoteca is one of the few public services I can really recommend!

  2. Thanks Marta! I didn't know about that one!