Monday, April 12, 2010

Holland and Spain

Had a nice trip to Holland, the land of tulips, clogs and windmills. One of the many things I find interesting about the country is its historical connection to Spain and the fact it had been a Spanish colony about five hundred years ago, which based on European standards isn't very long.  I guess that's why naughty Dutch children are still threatened to be sent to Madrid at Christmas.

Anyway, perhaps this connection is the reason I've always found the Dutch the most Latin of Northern European people. They work but relax; they'll stop at traffic lights, but cross on red if there are no cars. Service is not a high priority but efficiency is. It also explains, I think, the glutteral aspect of their language and in particular the letter "g" compared to German and Flemish. But it's just a personal theory so if anyone knows the true reason, feel free to let me know.

Back to posting, but with the change of weather will see how regularly! Here some pics from Alkmaar.

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