Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bon Nadal / Feliz Navidad / Merry Christmas

Just a quick note to wish everyone season's greetings. If I remember correctly, the mega bridge starting the season will be here soon and with it La Fira de Santa Llùcia (Lucia) located outside the Gothic Cathedral. One of my favorite Catalan traditions is the caganer. So much so he inspired a short story I wrote last year. You can read it here.

Enjoy the festivities and stay warm.


  1. You're alive! :) Have you finished writing the book? Merry Christmas!

  2. Hey Marta. Yep, alive but frozen. It's been snowing all week! The book is with the editor. Shopping it in the new year. Wish me luck and Bon nadal!

  3. Hello my name is CJ,

    I have to find a connection with a country of our choice and i chose Spain. For this project we learned about the literature and culture of the country we have chosen. Now i need to connect with someone inside the country. If you could tell me about the life and culture in Spain that would be great!