Saturday, June 9, 2012

From Barcelona - Second Edition

Based on friends' photos on Facebook it looks like everyone in BCN is starting to enjoy the summer and the music festival season. The weather is one of the many things I miss not living there. We've got a gale force wind and lashing rain in the Low Countries today.

Anyway, I'm pleased to announce I found a new publisher for From Barcelona and a second edition is coming out in July. I was able to revisit the old stories with a more clear headed perspective and add a few new ones in, too. Here's a picture of the cover.

I'll hopefully have a .PDF version before the official release. If anyone is interested in receiving a free copy, send me an e-mail. I've put some excepts up to give you an idea. For those of you interested in what life is like in the Dutch cheese country, feel free to visit my blog,

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