Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Barcelona in the News

There seems to be an uptick on articles about Barcelona in the international press this week.  In the Times of London, an article called La Rambla: from Spain's tourist haven to street of shame discusses the problems of prostitution, while Bild.com has pictures.  Not the most flattering image of the city, and it's a real problem as I've discussed (here, here, and here)  Still, it's not indicative of the city as a whole and the best advice I can give is to be like the locals and avoid it.  There are plenty of cooler and safer barrios to go out at night.

In a more positive piece, the Guardian details the explosion in personalized tours where people hook up with locals to get a different taste of the city and uses Barcelona as an example.  Not a bad idea for any budding entrepreneur out there and the article offers a list of shops and bars to visit.  The New York Times, meanwhile, has an interesting piece on a local company that's developed a bag to fight against computer theft. 

Finally Carlos Ruiz Zafón's latest opus set in 1920's Barcelona is number fourteen on the LA Times best seller list, which means fiction about Barcelona sells.  And why's this a good thing?  Because I'll be releasing a collection of short stories set in the city this winter, so let the hype and shameless self-promotion begin!

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  1. Couldn't agree more about avoiding Las Ramblas. I think your articles about barcelona crime were dead on. I remember crossing Las Ramblas quickly rather than hanging out as it was overpriced and sketchy at night with all the prostitutes and drug dealers harassing you. But so many amazing hidden places in the city that it seemed infinite. Some of the best friends I met travelling were other people who had decided to hang around Barcelona. Barcelona is definitely my favourite European city which is why I've read every single post on this blog while at work dreaming of being back there!