Thursday, December 17, 2009

La Reina del Pueblo

The woman you see above is Belén Esteban, otherwise known as the Queen of the Street and a common fixture on day time television here. Famous for being taped telling her young daughter, Andreita, cómete el pollo, coño! (Andrea, eat the chicken, cunt), she's also known to suffer from every seeming disorder from cocaine addiction to anorexia to diabetes.

She first rose to fame as the girlfriend of a bullfighter who became the father of her daughter before rumors of infidelity and tensions with his family saw the end of their relationship. In her response to the accusations, she took to the daytime airwaves where she bore her soul, her raw honesty, humor and Latin flare punctuated with colorful language winning her numerous supporters. Today, I'd ranked her just behind La Duquesa del Alba as the second most discussed celebrity on Spanish television.  The big news this week is her umpteenth operation changing her into the woman on the left from the woman on the right. When interviewed about this new look, she informed the television personality that she spends the whole time admiring it in the mirror but not so much she hasn't found the time to make love with her new boyfriend.

You can check out her official website here. The best way I can describe it is as Cutre Hollywood.

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