Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calling all Foodies in Barcelona

Anyone have a penchant for good food and pleasant conversation? There's a monthly food club called the Dancing Glass in el Barrio Gotico. As described on its website:
The six course menu, complete with signature house cocktails and a healthy amount of Spanish wine, is set to the sound of conversation between friends and strangers, travelers and locals, as well as the murmurings of an old record player.
This month's meeting takes place on the 23rd and the theme is All Things Spain with dishes, tapas and wine from various regions throughout Spain.  For information about how to attend, visit the website.


  1. Sounds fun...too bad i'm in Madrid! ;-)

  2. Hi again! I have added your blog, too. I would love to interview you for my blog. You can have a look at other interviews and then decide. If not, never mind! You can answer by mail. I just think it'd be interesting! ¡Hasta luego! :)