Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spain Goes Nonsmoking!

The big news at the end of last year was that Spain like France, Italy, Ireland, England etc. was going to ban smoking in all public places. Bars and restaurants were up in arms and catering services were threatening strikes. Three weeks into the new year, you can still pretty much everywhere, so what gives?

A quick search on google brings up links related to changes a few years ago when most of the countries mentioned above went completely nonsmoking, Spain left it up to the establishments, especially the smaller ones, to decided. I imagine the feeling at the time was to make it a gradual change because as the protests against the anti-botellón law show, Spaniards can face mass unemployment and an inept government, but there'll be little public outrage; however, if you mess with their right to drink and smoke in public, you've got a riot on your hands.

Anyway, type in 2010 after the google query and you'll discover that Spain does in fact plan to ban smoking in public places this year, although a date hasn't been decided yet. Anyone want to start a pool betting when it will take effect? My money is on December 31st.

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